Soft Mesh Harness

Dog owners had long been asking us for a harness that was comfortable, easy to put on, fashionable, and affordable. So we set to work and designed one!

The Rufus & Coco Soft Mesh Harness is made from durable nylon mesh which is both soft and breathable. The reflective straps simply clip on, and are adjustable for the perfect fit.

Available in black, red, blue or pink with our signature rubber logo patch, our harness looks like a million dollars but we’ll keep it our little secret that it’s actually great value!

How to use:

How to harness your dog: first, undo clips and slip harness over your mate’s head. Then, adjust straps so you can clip the harness behind their back comfortably.

Size:          Extra Small; Small; Medium; Large

Colour:     Red, Black, Pink and Blue