Retractable Dog Lead Large

  • The NEW Rufus & Coco Retractable Lead is a dog’s best friend
  • Perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes
  • Holds up to 45kg!
  • It has a new sport look
  • Is light weight and easy to handle
  • Extends up to 3metres in length
  • Push button length lock

How to use:

  • Attach the Rufus & Coco Retractable Lead to your mate’s collar with the clip
  • Push the button to lock the lead at your desired length. Now you’re ready for walkies!
  • To unlock and retract the lead, push the button again. Take care to protect you and your furry friend’s face when retracting


Caution is required when using this product. Never hold the lead tape, and avoid the tape crossing your body.


  • The lead is only to be used by responsible adults over 16 years of age
  • Keep out of reach of small children. Never let anyone play with the lead
  • Never let the tape wrap around hands or fingers
  • To minimise the risk of injury, you can wear gloves, long sleeves and pants

Dog behaviour

  • Only use the lead with a dog that does not exceed the weight limit indicated
  • Do not use the lead on dogs who are difficult to control and/or who pull hard on a lead
  • Before using the lead, examine all parts included in the package to make sure they are all working properly and that they are not damaged, frayed, or broken. Do not attempt to repair this lead. Do not open the lead housing
  • Only use the lead if you have checked the ring on your dog’s collar to make sure it is strong enough to withstand the tension of being pulled by the lead
  • Always lock the brake before attaching the lead to your dog’s collar

During the walk

  • Do not allow slack to build up in the tape
  • If your dog starts running away from you, press the brake button to keep your dog from building up too much speed
  • When around other people or animals, shorten the lead and keep your dog at your side with the lead locked
  • Always hold the lead by the handle, never by the tape
  • Never tie lead around a tree, pole, or any other object
  • Do not leave the lead attached to a dog when not in use, or when dog is unattended


  • Make sure your dog is under control. Fully retract the lead before detaching it
  • If your lead gets wet, pull the tape out of the lead housing as far as it will go and lock the brake

Leave it to dry overnight in aplace that is out of reach of children. When the tape is dry, carefully and slowly retract the lead to keep it under control

Size:          3m

Colour:     Black, Red and Blue